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Shannon Dalrymple

R+F Independent Consultant

My best business moment:
Enjoying the effects of residual income

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My Story

In the Fall of 2009 my position in corporate America was suddenly and unexpectedly eliminated...I didn't know what I was going to do - to say I was scared was an understatement. I was a single parent of two children, one teenager and one pre-teen. Within two months of this happening, when I was still reeling from not having a steady paycheck anymore, I went to an event with a good friend at one of her client's homes. It was for Rodan+Fields...of course in early 2010 I'd never heard of the company or the products and couldn't imagine investing in a business where I wouldn't be guaranteed a paycheck. Even though I thought about it for a minute, my common sense made me say no and walk away from the opportunity to continue pursuing a position where I'd have a regular paycheck.

Fast forward to 2014 and Rodan+Fields comes into my life again through a dear friend, ironically I'd met this friend at the company I'd been laid off from in 2009. This time I stopped to look at the products and business more seriously. I even reached out to see where the ladies were that had been newbies in 2010, had they found success? What did they think of the skin care products four years later? I was almost floored by what I learned! While one of the ladies decided it wasn't for her, many of the ladies were now Elite LV's or RFx Million Dollar earners! Also driving around in their free Lexus's they earned through their business success with the company. And all of this just from washing their faces, sharing their results then helping and supporting others through bringing the amazing skin care products to them, or helping those wanting to also earn money to build their own successful Rodan+Fields businesses.

We have such an amazing team atmosphere where we all support each other in growing our businesses. You're never just left to follow a guide and then do the rest on your own...daily you can reach out to anyone and get advice, questions you have answered, whatever your need might we get together on a regular basis to learn from each other and enjoy each other's company - it's so much fun and I've got a huge community of new friends!

When they say "Changing Skin and Changing Lives" that's not just lip service, I'm coming up on my first year anniversary and I can say it's the truth! Rodan+Fields as a corporation donates to several charities, and we individually and as smaller teams are able to be more charitable in our communities through our partnership with Rodan+Fields.

I'd love to give you the opportunity to have the best skin of your life or gain financial freedom at whatever level you desire! Reach out to me to learn more!

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